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Express Clear 100 is a revolutionary fresh cut flower hydration and treatment solution that allows for an enhanced water uptake process after harvest without having to recut stems. This premium solution is perfectly formulated with ingredients to keep fresh cut flowers looking fresh, increasing longevity, and improving quality. Appropriate for use with all flower types, this product enable the farms to ship, store and sell with only the harvest cut. Giving the farms the ability to sell the length they harvest means that dry stored flowers no longer need to be recut a second or third time to rehydrate, resulting in labor, waste and time savings. Express Clear 100 is available in both standard and pure water variants to adapt to differing farm water sources.

The benefits of this technology include:

  • Provides hydration and treatment to flowers without the need to recut stems.
  • Labor, time and waste savings due to no cut feature.
  • Ability for repeated use of the hydration solution for up to 7 days.
  • Promotes uniform bud opening during vase phase.
  • Proven to increase longevity in certain flower varieties.
  • Reduces product loss, waste management, equipment maintenance, production space and handling.
  • Appropriate for use with all flower and foliage types.
  • Promotes a more balanced formula to lower pH and increase speed of hydration than current available treatments.
  • Less handling of flowers results in reduces stress and mechanical damage, limiting the chance for pathogens to be introduced into the flower .
  • Available in standard and pure water versions with equal efficacy.
Floralife, inventor of the Express Technology platform, formulated a range of sizes and applications suitable for all levels of the floral industry.  Farms to end consumers, we’ve got the perfect solution for the care and handling of your fresh cut flowers. Simply put, this innovative premium product platform reduces costs and saves money without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.

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Express 100
Item#Container TypeContainer SizeCase Pack
80-82008Jug1 gal/4 L6
80-82009Pail5 gal/19 L1
80-82010Drum30 gal/114 L1
80-82011Tote264 gal/1000 L1

*Availability depends upon geographical region

Difficult-to-hydrate crops, such as Hydrangea, may not fully hydrate with the Express products without re-cutting stem ends, depending on the storage and handling history of flowers. If the stem ends are cut, the Express products will provide best results with these crops. When unsure, we recommend that you do a quick in-house trial to confirm if re-cutting is needed to get the best benefits of this technology.

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